Hero's Unknown

The King on this side

Early the following morning a strange haze approached the camp, impossibly dense and even more impossibly wide and tall. Preparing for the worst they readied themselves for combat, when suddenly the mist dropped revealing a massive army of around 6000 foot soldiers and 100 mounted cavalry and a massive grey creature with a long trunk, carrying a howdah with around a dozen men in it.
Meeting with the general they agreed to travel with him to his kings city to discuss terms.They arrived in a large port city made of solid stone, with a populace to rival the largest cities on the other end of the continent. They met with King Aurum, a man of impossible power and might. They signed a contract with him stating they would destroy the library for free passage in his lands.

And so the party set off north in search of the library.

The dwarven Encampment

Meeting with the High Priest of the dwarves they were informed that other groups had not yet arrived. They relaxed for the day resting and rearming themselves for the next adventure to be had.
They were informed of smoke near one of the mountains to the northwest, theey set out hoping to find peaceful allies in this strange new land. The came upon a clearing with a small walled off camp, made from the felled trees.
The heroes approached the camp finding a giant cauldron upon a large fire with three seemingly empty huts when an arrow flew from one of them, striking the warrior Richard, combat was upon them.
Djarus daringly snuck around to the back of thecamp scaling the wall to engage the enemy from behind, while Matrim set the largest building on fire with a well placed shot of his own. The heroes pushed in to engage coming face to face with the Gnolls that had taken up residence in the area. After a fierce battle that almost took the rouges life they prevailed, Surprisingly coming to the rescue of a young elvish bard named Finn from a land far away.

These mountains have drawn many strangers to them.

Day 16
Denizens of the mountain

Traveling late into the night the heroes began their descent into the unknown lands to the west. They were suddenly beset by goblins, vicious little things, but again the skill of the party shown through as they dispatched them easily. After a few more hours had passed they heard the sound of beating wings and galloping hooves. A curious creature came to stand before them, the face of a man, the wings of a giant eagle and the body of steed, all a chestnut color stood before them and spoke into their minds. He answered many questions and claimed to be the guardian of the mountain. They felt at ease knowing such a powerful creature watched over them on this mountain.

The feeling of ease was not one to last long, while they rested at camp the young dwarven priestess heard a terrible noise while she stood watch over her companions. The splintering sound of trees snapping and heavy thunderous footfalls were heading in their direction. She roused everyone and they quickly formed a plan to lead the giant away and redirect it to cause no harm to the dwarves at the base of the mountain. The Ranger sent his faithful wolf after the giant to distract it and lead it away some miles south along the mountain. The heroes made it to the small fortress the dwarves were constructing and the wolf returned unharmed.

Day 15
Over the mountain

The adventurers met with King Drent in his great hall. He revealed to those that he hired what his intentions were in this new land. An ancient dwarven artifact or the possibility of a new home for his people. The mercenaries all divided up to take on different tasks, the group from cart 11 of course chose to continue exploring. Joined now by the devout niece of Hammerthrow, Obsidia the young dwarf who seeks glory beyond her name. The envoy from the archdruid, Wick, a man of impossible height and composure. They now depart over the mountain into uncharted territory.

Day 14
Arrival at Lonely Meadow

The caravan arrived without any more attacks, the denizens of the mountain seeming to be aware of the prowess of this large group. Shortly before their arrival Djarus heard the warcry of a dragon, him knowing some of the evil tongue of dragonkin, surprisingly the challenge was answered by a dragon of unknown alignment. Thane Hammerthrow warned the group to not go seeking trouble, showing his ravaged arm from battles with dragons of below. The heroes dispersed throughout Lonely Meadow to await the meeting with King Warbeard the following day. Supposedly a dragon, a close friend of these Dwarves walks among them, though who he is remains to be known by any outsiders.

Day 10
The giant Lizard

Whilst traveling along the side the cart, Matt was charged by a emerald green lizard no shorter than 15 feet head to tail. After some jockeying, Richard was caught in the beast’s mouth suffering some minor damage, The Thane, now quite impressed with the group, praised them and hoisted the beast into his personal cart for a feast upon the day of their arrival.

Day 4
First trials

Beset in the very early morning the entire caravan was waylaid by a sizable group of Half-ogre raiders. Thane Hammerthrow and his aide Valaxis of Hammercrash, a devout worshiper, handled most of the main force while the heroes of cart 11 laid two of their number to earth needing no assistance, handling themselves easily, as if the Gods guided their weapons themselves. The caravan departed almost immediately after the engagement had finished, the magical steeds driving forth tirelessly.

Day 1
new beginnings

King Drent has issued a call to arms for adventurers of the realm seeking glory and riches in the forgotten side of the continent. About 50 have answered the call, of the the most interesting seem to be the demonkin Djarus, the High Elf Sigan, the Half Elf Matt, and the young human Richard. Also of note would be the Sengokian warrior Rangetsu from the island of Sengoku. The heroes departed from Magara in the late evening of the third month of Lavantus.


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