Djarus Le'Rou

Half demon thief from a different realm. He may not know much about this new world but that won't stop him from taking what he wants from it.


A 6ft tall tiefling with midnight green hair, rough dark blue nearly black skin, black nails, small horns and all black eyes that have a distinct shine to them. Cloaked in thieves garb made of a matte black leather and carrying a distinct green short sword by the name of Deaths Lament.


I was born in the city of Sigil to no class or standing. For that matter my early life is somewhat a blur. Up until my early teens, I assume. It’s hard to know when you don’t know when you were born and no one keeps track for you. About this time I was approached by Sigil’s Pockets. They gave me an opportunity. My first opportunity. When I became a part of the thieves guild they gave me a last name, and a path to follow. Not long after I joined one of the high ranking members took me under her wing. She taught me a great many things. Setting me on a path towards learning secrets that most in Sigil’s Pockets knew little of. Upon graduation
I was poised to take a place among the the more elite. So as I rite of passage I went with a group to retrieve some treasure from a dragon’s lair. Unfortunately while we were in the thick of it I was caught in some dragon magic. A maze spell in particular. Upon finding my way out instead of being returned to my home of sigil I was transported to a strange new land where I was treated as a devil. Being shunned was not so unformilair to me though. Except this time I had more skills at my disposal. I have managed to survive with little more then good on my back. All I have now is questions and the will to take what is rightfully mine. Even if the rest of this world disagrees.

Djarus Le'Rou

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