Matrim Al'Aybarra

Half Elf Ranger Beastmaster


AC: 3
Str: 16
Dex: 17
Con 15
Int: 15
Wis 16
Cha: 14

HP: 23

PPD 14
RSW 16
PP 15
BW 17
Sp 17


My name is Matrim Al’Aybarra. My mother was an elf descended from the lords of Mithrandril before she was killed by marauding orcs when I was 5 and I never knew my father. After I was orphaned, I was taken in by the town blacksmith who taught me his trade. When I was 16, my friend and mentor gave me a bow that was the only thing left from my mother. I began practicing with that bow whenever I had free time by hunting. I learned how to make my own arrows and bows, but was never able to match the bow I got from my mother’s family. Rumor has it that there are still members of my mother’s clan in the forest of Mithrandril and I would like to meet them and find out more about my bow and family legacy.
As I spent more time in the wilderness, I began to notice that animals, especially dogs, foxes and wolves, would become calmer whenever I was around them. I also noticed that I began to be able to differentiate between wolves, to feel it whenever wolves were nearby and to feel their pain. I am able to do the same with other types of animals, but not with the clarity of wolves.
I am currently searching for more information on my family and the bow my mother left to me. My friend Grat has decided to accompany me on this search. Even though most city dwellers don’t understand, when a man and a wolf come to trust each other the way Grat and I trust, the bond cannot be broken.

Matrim Al'Aybarra

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