Hero's Unknown

Day 16

Denizens of the mountain

Traveling late into the night the heroes began their descent into the unknown lands to the west. They were suddenly beset by goblins, vicious little things, but again the skill of the party shown through as they dispatched them easily. After a few more hours had passed they heard the sound of beating wings and galloping hooves. A curious creature came to stand before them, the face of a man, the wings of a giant eagle and the body of steed, all a chestnut color stood before them and spoke into their minds. He answered many questions and claimed to be the guardian of the mountain. They felt at ease knowing such a powerful creature watched over them on this mountain.

The feeling of ease was not one to last long, while they rested at camp the young dwarven priestess heard a terrible noise while she stood watch over her companions. The splintering sound of trees snapping and heavy thunderous footfalls were heading in their direction. She roused everyone and they quickly formed a plan to lead the giant away and redirect it to cause no harm to the dwarves at the base of the mountain. The Ranger sent his faithful wolf after the giant to distract it and lead it away some miles south along the mountain. The heroes made it to the small fortress the dwarves were constructing and the wolf returned unharmed.


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